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My private information is exposed online! I didn't give you my permission!!

We truly appreciate your concern and your privacy is our main priority. Our site does not keep any database, we are reflecting the NPI information that is publicly exposed by NPPES - the governmental organization that issues NPI numbers. We encourage you to take a moment and alter your profile to hide any private information, cause it becomes publicly distributed in the internet by NPPES. You can alter or update your information using the instructions below.

Information that you display is incorrect and needs to be updated

You can alter or update your NPI profile by contacting NPPES using one of the following means:

By phone:
1-800-465-3203 (NPI Toll-Free)
1-800-692-2326 (NPI TTY)

By mail at:
NPI Enumerator
PO Box 6059
Fargo, ND 58108-6059

Note: contacts above are not our contacts - this is the contact information of NPPES - governmental organization that manages NPI numbers

As soon as the information is updated at NPPES please click on Synchronize link under your profile snippet on our site to make sure our cache gets synchronized:

1639475726 - JOE DOE
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1268 KEARNEY NE 58848-2168
Phone: 3088654562; Fax: 30886555606;
Practice Location Address: 1201 CENTRAL AVE , KEARNEY , NE , 58847-2944
Practice Phone: 3088654562; Practice Fax: 3088654562
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I want my name to be removed from the list!

As it is explained above, your information is publicly exposed by NPPES - there are lots of other resources that take this information from them and make it publicly available. We can mask your information on our site, but that will not resolve your concern, since with next NPPES update (in 3 months or sooner) information will appear again (we simply reflect their database not keeping any data on our servers). The better way of resolving your concern is contacting NPPES as shown above and removing your personal or private information from their listing or updating information to list only business contacts. This way you will be protected and your business partners will be able to find you, which will increase your business opportunities. If we can assist you in any way with protecting your privacy or helping your business to grow - please let us know.

Please click Delete button under your profile Snippet so we can guide you through the process of Profile deletion:

1639475726 - JOE DOE
Mailing Address: PO BOX 1268 KEARNEY NE 58848-2168
Phone: 3088654562; Fax: 30886555606;
Practice Location Address: 1201 CENTRAL AVE , KEARNEY , NE , 58847-2944
Practice Phone: 3088654562; Practice Fax: 3088654562
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OK you have updated the information on your site, but when I Google my name I still see the wrong information

Due to their nature, search engines cache the information they find in the web. So when something gets updated they still show old information for some period of time. Unfortunately we have no control over Google and cannot force them refreshing the cache. This usually happens in some period of time, but it's totally up to them when to refresh the data. You may want to contact Google Inc. asking them to update the cache or decrease the refresh time for your page at If there is anything we can help you in these regards, please do not hesitate to let us know.

What are the benefits of Premium Account?

Premium account allows you to enhance your account in a lot of powerful ways:

  • Specify your profile data - do not rely on NPPES to maintain you data, you can add whatever information you need online
  • Enrich your profile - need to specify multiple Practice Addresses, Phone Numbers, want to add a link to your clinic's website? You can do that easily with the Premium Account. Go beyound the regular NPI form and get over your competitors providing much more information online
  • Get a Premium search placement - people are looking for a provider in your are, be the first listed in the search results
  • Anytime Access - you can access your account securely online any time you need from anywhere around the globe
  • Global Advertising - your practice will be automatically advertised trough our channels as a favorable healthcare provider
  • No Obligations - we do not require anything from you, no Social Security Number, no EIN or other identification that is considered to be highly confidential, which increases your level of security
  • High Security - all our facilities follow military security standards and no information that you disclose to us in internal communications will be shared with any third party
  • Premium Support - any time you have a question or run into some issues our friendly support stuff will be at your service to resolve all issues in a timely and very professional fasion

Premium Accounts are available for as low as 5.99/month. To proceed you need to Sign Up for Premium Account.